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Our conversion-driven inbound marketing solutions are designed to create a real return on investment and sustainably grow your business

Return-on-investment driven inbound marketing solutions

If marketing does not bring actual sales and revenue growth, it is meaningless.
Marketing plans must see a specific return on investment, and the investment cost is only valuable in brand awareness, social media and gorgeous activities.
Reverse-driven inbound marketing methods create real return on investment and allow your business to continue to grow.

Common pain points for customers

1) Spend a bunch of ineffective marketing budgets to reduce business costs.
2) I don't know how to start automatic marketing, and there is no back-end resources.
3) How to automate marketing if you don't understand the industry?
4) The lack of marketing strategy requires someone to help provide advice.
5) There is currently a CRM, but no one-stop marketing has been introduced.
6) Often doing things manually, it is impossible to simplify internal processes.


1) Understand customer development issues, organize and plan business allocation.
2) Change existing or complex processes to provide customers with better marketing flow.
3) Focus on customers, evaluate customer budgets, and provide corresponding marketing tools.
4) Plan differentiated products and services for customers to enhance the competitiveness of the market.
5) Draft marketing strategy and automated marketing flowchart.
6) Planning education and training allows the customer marketing team to directly formulate the trade.

What can Hubsoda do for you?

Nine diagnostic procedures analyze and plan for you, allowing you to spend money on the knife edge!

Inbound Marketing


We set a clear return on investment (ROI)-based goal, and make a clear plan to achieve it, so that you can win at the starting point.

Inbound marketing

Our inbound marketing program helps ideal customers find you when they need it. We use effective content to turn visitors into potential customers and consumers.

Marketing and sales integration

Integrate your marketing automation and CRM platform to establish a smooth, simplified, and overall sales process. Build a bridge between marketing and sales.


Life cycle

The most effective marketing is to treat customers as people. We help you understand the customer journey and create tailored messages for each stage of the sales pipeline.


Blog platform

A strategic blog is a powerful potential customer development tactic that can help you attract, educate, and convert ideal customers. We help you put forward strategic ideas and produce high-quality content.


Automated marketing tools

Integrate your marketing automation and CRM platform to establish a smooth, simplified, and overall sales process. Build a bridge between marketing and sales.

Smart growth

Smart brand marketing = smart growth. Our brand marketing program ensures that your market positioning leads the company to success.

Conversion rate-driven website

Your website is the core of an inbound marketing strategy. What you need is a smooth and modern website as an online sales machine.


Tool import and education training

We help you choose the most suitable automated marketing tool for your business and educate you on how to design your own marketing loop.

Marketing automation flowchart

Design a sales process loop for each line category, and discuss suitable processes for customer needs.


Quick deal to solve complicated procedures and increase enrollment rate

Medical treatment

Balance between service quality and labor cost

Tourism/Leisure Business

Big data collected to give the right travel package

Real Estate/Construction

Let you make accurate transactions without losing customers


Accurately find credit customers and establish good relationships

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