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Our marketing technicians help you find the best tools to achieve your marketing and sales goals.

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do you know? 98%Users who enter the site do not plan to buy yet.

How to arouse their interest?

Customer Development


Development list


Sales guidance


Automated marketing strategy formulation

Help you find the value loop of marketing, and help you find the value loop that belongs to you through continuous experimentation and data analysis. To help enterprises grow uninterrupted.

Develop a marketing strategy for an exclusive company, which may be recommended to your loved ones, and we will help you implement it.

How many points can be rewarded.

In this way, you can observe the effectiveness of automated marketing campaigns at any time.

In the marketing cycle, we hope you can find the mostPerfect plan.

Customized trickle sales


According to customer preferences and customized trickle sales Drip campaign, Bit by bit to attract users to invest and convert them into consumers, long-term repeated exposure to increase the opportunities for consumers to buy goods, and finally achieve effective conversion and expand the customer base.

Automated newsletter marketing helps you become more familiar with your customers and increase their trust in the brand.


Can customize the delivery process

Three days after sending the first e-newsletter, the second one can be automatically sent for scheduling.

It can be judged whether the newsletter is turned on. If it is turned on, it can help users to add points, and the payment score can also be used as a basis for marketing to the audience.


Marketing Technology MarTech

The test of marketing technology is how to market in a more precise manner at the right time. These new tests and new demands have also driven the prosperity and diversification of the marketing technology industry.

We are a group of marketers who are extremely passionate about high technology and are familiar with marketing technology.
Research the software services on the market, specifically to find the most suitable marketing software for customers and provide the best services. We firmly believe that the right technology can make your work more beneficial and more effective.


The benchmark for advertising in the past 20 years is to rely on user cookie records. However, the effect of cookies is getting weaker and weaker. Only marketing strategies based on database can target real consumers for advertising marketing. "We don't just want consumers to like us, but to trigger purchases." The way to place advertisements in the future must follow the complicated and confusing trajectory of users to make predictions, instead of relying on data provided by cookies as in the past.

We have powerful automated marketing tools that can help you collect and record user browsing history and stay time. You can set your own conditions to help your users segment the audience, and send customized electronics to users with different preferences and personalities. Report, the best thing is that you can also help your users to score, find out potential users who are really interested and convert them into substantial loyal customers.

HubSoda is coming soon!

We help you find the best marketing plan & marketing tools for you

We cooperate with our customers and let them create their own automated processes through the use of educational training tools.

Automated marketing tools


With complete functions, you can set up your own marketing activity process, track the user's behavior on the website, and implement different marketing techniques for users with different characteristics. Full-featured, self-hosted data security, low cost of open source software



Hubspot is an integrated digital marketing tool that categorizes emails, websites, SEO, landing pages, blogs, and social media. All tools can be managed and analyzed in Hubspot, saving you time and improving overall efficiency. Although the function is very powerful, the cost is also very expensive.



You can design your own e-newsletter template to facilitate the management of the e-newsletter list. Provide reader subscription function, and can share and track results on social networking sites. You can also perform A/B split test to see which newsletter can bring more clicks.

intercom 自動化行銷工具
convertfox-logo 自動化行銷工具


Agile growth
Agile brand = Agile growth. We firmly believe that more agile marketing methods can achieve faster results.
Blog-driven content marketing
Content marketing is a very important marketing strategy that can help you attract, educate and convert your ideal customers. We help you create high-quality content ideas and produce high-quality content.
Are you looking for professional automated marketing advice for your business?

We have a complete marketing team
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Hubsoda is a leading marketing automation consulting company in Taiwan. It provides self-developed automated marketing SaaS products to help customers complete the fully automated management of the marketing process. It also provides extended services including: digital marketing, precision marketing, and big data applications. Realize an integrated, efficient, one-stop "SaaS platform for marketing automation + marketing application services" solution.

We make good use of tools to ensure that marketing automation and optimization, deepening and optimizing customer insights can not only continuously increase conversion rates, but also increase customer loyalty.

  • Import of automated marketing tools
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Find out the characteristics of the user
  • Improve website conversion rate
  • Automated marketing strategy formulation

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