Generate, nurture, and please the right customers

Inbound marketing lets customers find you

Our return on investment (ROI) customer-oriented marketing services attract high-quality potential customers, and then convert them into long-term, loyal customers, helping you grow and expand. If you want to turn strangers into happy and crazy fans, all you need is inbound marketing.

Develop users through education and thought leadership

Inbound marketing uses educational and strategic content to generate high-quality, high-value potential customers.

We conceive,Production and management of the content and establishment of potential customer cultivationCustomers trust and guide potential customers through the sales funnel.

Inbound marketing helps potential customers step by step

Traditional sales and marketing strategies are too intrusive, forceful and annoying. Inbound marketing provides modern purchasing behaviors, providing relevant, valuable, and actionable insights during the purchase process of potential customers. This marketing method is very effective and can also increase conversion rates.

customer relations

Inbound marketing strategy represents using the provided content to integrate and please potential customers and customers.

Through continuous interaction and trust, an excellent customer experience is built.


At Hubsoda, we believe that all traffic is not necessarily equal. Precisely positioned inbound marketing strategy focuses on strategic, relevant and educational content to help the website generate the right traffic.

Through technology, and the use of a wide range of customer acquisition strategies-such as blogs, social media promotion, and retargeting using SEO keywords at all stages of the sales funnel-help you attract high-quality potential customers.


The success of a company lies in a clear understanding of ideal customers. You have to know what makes them take action and what makes them goHook; what kind of setbacks, challenges, and what they worry about.

We have helped you formulate a clear customer role, and you can create targeted messages to resonate with potential customers.

Our goal is not to end one-off transactions, but to build loyal and enthusiastic customers.


In order to get ideal customers who will help you in your career, it is important to adjust your marketing and sales teams.

Make sure they move in the same direction and strive to achieve the same goal.

When marketing is mainly cultivating the e-mail workflow of potential customers, the sales team can develop potential customers through the sales pipeline and complete transactions more effectively.


Customers are your most loyal fans and promoters. Establishing stable and lasting customer relationships can get a lot of rewards at critical moments.

The Internet has changed consumer behavior, and the marketing model also needs to be changed

Inbound Marketing is not a marketing strategy that waits for nothing. Instead, it achieves targeted and accurate online marketing through a variety of channels, using paid or SEO keyword-optimized media (Paid Media) to strengthen the spread of information. More free communication opportunities (Earned Media), and content optimization and keyword locking, and at the same time do a good job in SEO (search engine optimization), SMO (social media optimization), user experience optimization (UEO) of the whole website optimization, only this In order to truly do well in Inbound Marketing.


Steps to perform inbound marketing


Help clients build a successful marketing strategy

  • What is the marketing goal?
  • What challenges does marketing face?
  • Who is the ideal customer? How to attract them?
  • What do potential customers care about my company?
  • How much should be invested in marketing?
  • How much return will this marketing plan bring to me?


Build and continuously optimize the website

  • SEO optimization
  • Easy navigation, professional appearance
  • Optimize search engine
  • Suitable for browsing on mobile phones
  • Ability to quickly update and adjust website content


Turn traffic into sales opportunities

To provide attractive and actionable services to customers of different levels:
  • Create a Landing Page: Indicate the offers you provide and allow customers to fill in relevant information.
  • After filling in the information, users can get discounts and automatic reply emails, and you can store potential customers' information in the CRM system.
  • A page designed with a focus on Call-to-Action can help you generate more potential customers.


Turn sales opportunities into actual sales results

  • Imported marketing automation system (Marketing Automation)
  • Segment sales opportunities and focus your customers
  • Cultivate sales opportunities
  • Mail marketing
  • CRM


Any step requires precise measurement and analysis

The following important data needs to be analyzed:

  • Traffic that can bring sales opportunities
  • Sales opportunities become actual customer numbers
  • The cost of building each sales opportunity
  • Customer acquisition cost
  • Create a customer profile
  • User portrait is a labeled user model abstracted based on information such as user social attributes, living habits and consumption behavior. The core job of constructing user portraits is to label users and then carry out the marketing method of segmentation.

Inbound travelMarketing brings customers to the front of the product, rather than driven by intrusive advertising and promotion.

But this does not mean that we will not use inbound marketing and push marketing at the same time.

The marketing activities we have formulated combine push marketing and inbound marketing to create a traffic generation system.

The only way to maintain a warm inbound marketing message while using advertisements and promotions at the same time is to distribute your content through information-providing advertisements.

Instead of using intrusive advertising to drive your customers crazy.

We make sure your  Marketo,HubSpot,Infusionsoft Or other inbound marketing systems, become the development user's machine!

However, if you still have questions about inbound marketing, here are the common questions:


The difference between inbound marketing and content marketing

Think of content marketing as a strategy in inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is more like a method than a strategy.

Means you are changing the way you attract customers,

They enter the website, the way you treat them.

Content marketing is the act of creating and distributing content.

Played as part of inbound marketing.

Is inbound marketing expensive?


The budget for digital marketing varies with your industry, revenue, or the scale you want to promote.

Companies that initially want to step into digital marketing make the following preliminary digital budget recommendations: But the same is true for all other types of marketing.

A. 3~6Ten thousand budget/month: includes the most basicSEOAnd content marketing services, targeting a group or market target TA Design the corresponding content foundation, so that the most basic brand can be exposed on the Internet.

B. 5~8Ten thousand budget/month: Operating social media includes 2-3 A group of people, and can provide comprehensive management and services for the community and website

C. 8~1510,000 budget/month: basically cover all target groups,EDMSending, community management, and various automated marketing and tracking analysis services to carry out different types of remarketing activities based on the user data obtained.

The above only analyzes the basic to deepening of the digital work budget (manpower and part of the technical cost). If you want to expand good brands and content to more customers, or to maintain customer behavior on the Internet, you still need Invest part of the advertising and marketing budget to match, and establish a stable digital marketing channel (own members, traffic).

Will inbound marketing help website SEO?

of course! After all, social media and content are SEO ingreat influence.

Therefore, if you want to produce high-qualitycontent,And insocial mediaPromote it on the Internet, and the SEO ranking will naturally get better and better.

Remember that high-quality content is the king of SEO.


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