Automated e-newsletter marketing

The purpose of planning automated marketing is to save valuable time, starting with welcome emails to welcome new subscribers, potential customers, recipients, etc.
The practice of regularly sending letters to new subscribers on a weekly or monthly basis has long been outdated.
If you can follow the user's preferences and the pages you have browsed, Focus Media can send out the content that users are interested in to truly meet the needs of customers.
Nucleus Research recently released a study showing thatFor companies that use automated marketing, their performance has risen by 14.5%, while their current marketing expenses have been saved by 12.2%.
This means that as long as visitors browse your website and subscribe to emails, you can know exactly when they receive a particular email.
And these rules can all be customized by you, there are no restrictions or the help of engineering staff. Marketing staff can operate by themselves and modify the audience repeatedly until the best results are achieved.

High return on investment

E-newsletter marketing ROI up to 4300% , As long as a large number of emails can be sent to the customer list through a professional letter sending platform, and at low cost, each newsletter can be accurately delivered to the target customer, and the effect will be very high.

Easy to view performance

For e-news marketing, it’s very easyView performance, You can easily know the effectiveness by opening a letter, clicking, converting, or using the promotional code.

Accurate and professional

Find the pain points of subscribers, and the e-newsletter sent out will become the most accurate marketing tool that reaches customers directly. Therefore, for enterprises, useNewsletter is a marketing tool for commercial brands.

Not disturbing

The advantage of the e-newsletter is that the customer can choose to read it when he wants to read it.Will not be forced to receive information, So they have a high willingness to read and look forward to discounts, free offers or promotions.

Customer relationship maintenance

In addition to marketing activities, e-newspaper marketing is alsoThe best way to maintain customer relationships, By sending information to old customers at a fixed time and frequency for interaction, in addition to remarketing, it can also maintain good interaction.


Send automated emails based on customer behavior and preferences.

Help you clean up your company’s email list and create email campaigns for your target audience.

The "visualization" editor allows you to quickly produce A/B test templates.

It can be based on user scores, no more arrogant guns, and more accurate content of e-newsletter can be sent to interested users.

According to the user's behavior score, identify loyal potential users and stimulate them to complete the purchase.

Send results tracking, open rate link click rate.

Try the automatic electronic newsletter transaction system

Connect with your e-commerce and sell more

Assist you to announce corporate information, effectively and quickly organize the membership system, allowing you to manage existing users and potential customers quickly and conveniently.


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