Inbound marketing is the current trend. Combines content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) technologies to introduce customers to the company’s website. Compared with traditional advertising, it has lower cost and higher return on ROI

With the priority of mobile devices and faster and faster Internet speeds, in recent years, the marketing focus of major global brands has gradually shifted to video marketing. Facebook users with 64%-85% will increase after watching the product videos. The desire to buy, and effectively deepen the impression of the brand. 2018 video marketing is the most important marketing method.

The core data management platform helps your company create an effective automated marketing process. The marketing process composed of multiple marketing tools makes marketing simpler and data more effective. Data tracking throughout the process to achieve customer insights and improve marketing effects.

Make sure you can provide any information that searchers might need when they land on your page. It is not enough to provide partial answers. If the searcher must return to Google to find a more complete answer, your website is considered incomplete. Google will use this as a basis to lower your website ranking.


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