did not useAutomated marketing

Repeat marketing:Manual marketing is easier to make mistakes than automated marketing.
Uninteresting Email: Send sales pages that are irrelevant to users, resulting in low conversion rates.
Stagnant old customers: Marketing is in a dilemma, new and old customers can’t take care of it at the same time.


UsedAutomated marketing

Avoid repeat marketing: Import automated marketing to avoid repeated delivery.
Customized content: Record user behavior, provide customized content based on user preferences, and increase conversion rate.
Easily manage customer relationships: Automate member information management to create a complete marketing loop.

What can Mautic help you?

Membership rating

Set points for users, automatically classify members andUnderstand user stickiness, For different levels of membershipProvide different marketing strategies.

Categorize users based on preferences

By creating hashtags through Mautic, you can take care of the preferences of every user,Send users interested information to catch their attention.

Marketing loop

Find out your own marketing loop to make automated marketing smarter and more efficientGet more users, andEliminate invalid customers.

Marketing campaign management

Define each marketing activity by yourself, customize management for different events, and easily contact potential customers,Track the performance of marketing campaigns.


social media

Understand which social media the customer group comes from,Marketing advertising can be delivered more in place.

Browsing history

Whether the user enables the newsletter, which pages have been visited, which part of the checkout process encountered problems, etc.Account behavior can be clearly tracked.

Email automatic management

You can set up a schedule for the designed e-newsletter according to the audience list,The system will automaticallySent to users.

Effectiveness analysis

The data collected for each advertising campaign, you canMake accurate analysis and judgment, For the next marketing eventBoost a better conversion rate.

Who needs to use Mautic?

Six features of Mautic

200,000+ A

More than 200,000 companies use the Mautic system, which is quite stable

35+ Languages

The system supports multi-language, quick to get started and barrier-free operation

1,000+ A

Developers participate in forum discussions, the best backup for long-term system maintenance

cut back 1/3 Business cost

Avoid waste and spend resource costs in the right place

Professional marketing strategy

Develop efficient marketing strategies through rapid experimentation and testing

Master accurate data

Properly analyze the data and formulate automatic transaction strategies

Michael-Brown-nDash-Photo 2

Michael Brown
Founder and CEO of nDash

"From the very beginning, Mautic has worked with us to create the experience I envisioned. The features provided by Mautic, the guidance of the customer success team, and the power of the technology have left a deep impression on me. Here comes confidence to handle the growth while still providing the best nDash experience we can provide.

Ivy Montgomery
Vice President of Marketing, Layer

"In the past, we have been focusing on quantitative leads. We recently made a business decision to put more value on the quality of lead," Ivey added. "The only way we can succeed in this way is to increase Marketing automation to help deal with potential customer processing and collect data about which activities are driving high-quality potential customer conversions."

Erik Chen
Tenten, founder of VueDB

"Mautic" gave me an unprecedented experience and allowed me to focus more on marketing strategies. The VueDB under the banner of VueDB uses Mautic to allow us to capture user preferences and trends, combined with automatic segmentation and calculation of the best users, so that our members are clearly classified Understand, and send a list of appropriate recommendations.

Automated marketingReduce time cost by 1/3,

Effectively distinguish user behavior levels,

Help with marketing decisions,

Create more revenue without high cost!


Free trial

0 /1 month trial
  • 1 user limit
  • Core functions are available
  • Contact database limit 5000
  • 1000 emails per day
  • API partial use
  • Website tracking is limited

Official price

15,000 month
  • Unlimited users
  • Core functions are available
  • Unlimited contact database
  • Unlimited email sending
  • API unlimited
  • Unlimited website tracking
  • Can customize the domain
  • Dedicated induction training
  • Phone and email support and SLA
  • There is a 14-day remorse period

Long-term cooperation

bargain month
  • Unlimited users
  • Core functions are available
  • Unlimited contact database
  • Unlimited email sending
  • API unlimited
  • Unlimited website tracking
  • Can customize the domain
  • Dedicated induction training
  • Phone and email support and SLA

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