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MailChimpE-newsletter marketing

Use the electronic newsletter system to let you automate the transaction and take care of your old and new customers

The main features of MailChimp?

Create targeted campaigns

Create segments based on user attributes and send targeted email advertisements based on purchase behavior

Automate email workflow

Send automated emails based on customer behavior and preferences

Schedule time

MailChimp helps you email the right person at the right time

Group group

Can be sent to different users according to different locations/times/nationalities

Intelligent communication design and coding

"Visualization" editor allows you to quickly produce A/B test templates

Detailed list management

Help you clean up your company’s email list and create email campaigns for your target audience

How can MailChimp help you?

Sort customers according to their preferences

With MailChimp, you can like to focus, send users' favorite information, and increase the conversion rate.

Marketing campaign management

You can check the newsletter you have sent.

Stay away from spam

Mailchimp sent out mail is rarely in spam, so that your users can see corporate information


Email automatic management

The designed e-newsletter can be directly and automatically scheduled to be sent to the user according to the list of segments.

Effectiveness analysis

Using A/B test delivery, background data allows you to quickly analyze the effectiveness of e-newsletter content.

Focus on email marketing

Because of the convenience of linking websites, you don’t have to worry about engineering issues, and you only need to focus on marketing strategy and content marketing.

If you want to solveShortage of manpower,

It is strongly recommended that you useAutomated marketing,

Reduce time cost by 1/3,effectiveReduce work trouble,

Focus on thinkingContent marketing!


Free trial

0 yuan
  • Up to 2,000 subscribers per month
  • 12,000 emails
  • Contact database limit 5000
  • Beautifully crafted ads
  • Registration form
  • Free reports and data insights

Official price

6000 ↓ month
  • 0-500 users, the price is not necessarily
  • Connect to your database
  • Create beautiful ads
  • Free reports and data insights
  • Unlimited sending

Escrow cooperation

bargain month
  • According to your mailing number
  • Link your database
  • Assist in connecting API
  • Dedicated induction training
  • Connect different automated marketing tools
  • Counseling content marketing consulting
  • Assist in automated scheduling

Quickly connect to your e-commerce and sell more things

Try MailChimp Automatic electronic newsletter transaction system

Assist you to announce corporate information, effectively and quickly organize the membership system, allowing you to manage existing users and customers quickly and conveniently.


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