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Inbound Marketing Inbound Marketing Service Value|Bring more traffic, convert more potential customers, and more order transactions

    • Attracting attention: The purpose of this stage is to convert users into website visitors through SEO and high-quality content marketing. At this stage, companies need to optimize SEO and publish content that is attractive to users.



    • Conversion: When a user visits the website of a company's products or activities, they are converted into potential customers who may consume them through product introductions. At this stage, users are generally allowed to fill out forms or bind social accounts to obtain their contact information, so that they can have the opportunity to cultivate the user to become their own potential customer



    • Order Placement: By satisfying the needs of potential customers, promote their final order consumption. This stage is very important. Companies generally need to optimize marketing emails and interact with potential customers instantly



    • Satisfaction: After the customer consumes, they start to use the product or service. During this period, the company needs to further contact the customer, solve the problems that the customer may have in the process in time, and provide services beyond the customer's expectations to transform the customer into their own Loyal fans, if customers are very satisfied with their products and services, it is easy to form a word-of-mouth effect, so that the company's own customer acquisition costs will be controlled



sales software
sales software

Integrate all the marketing tools you need

Can build and modify websites without IT technology

Drag and drop to create web pages, blog posts, landing pages, and email layouts. Whether you browse the web from your mobile phone or PC, you can get the same good user experience.

Dedicating content to the people who know you best

The blog post blueprint publishes the relevant content, will not cause the trouble of formatting. Real-time SEO suggestions, community scheduling, dedicated content to influencers and fans,
Let your content be seen in search results or social networking sites.

Bring more traffic to the landing page

You can create a call-to-action design without writing a program to allow viewers to click in unconsciously, and create personalized messages based on locations and traffic sources.

General visitors convert into qualified potential customers

Without relying on web developers, create professional pages in a few seconds, add forms with one click, and A/B testing operations increase conversion rates.

Easily turn potential customers into real customers

Provide a personalized purchase path for each potential customer. Through drip campaigns,
Arrange a series of emails to make potential customers become real customers step by step. Every time a potential customer interacts with the content, subsequent stages can be automatically triggered.

The influence of tracking customers and returning profits

Connect with HubSpot CRM or Salesforce to automatically record and organize every interaction between customers and brands. These data can return the contribution of each marketing activity and asset to sales.

Use HubSpot to help you create more new businesses in 2020

Hubspot has three products, Marketing, CRM and Sales, which together realize the whole process of Inbound Marketing services. Among them, Marketing is the core, providing tools and products such as SEO, social media, web page creation and optimization, and website scoring; CRM realizes data visualization and automatically tracks customer behavior; Sales serves as a tool to connect sales staff and customers.

Website production

Drag your own responsive design, search engine optimization friendly, fully integrated website. Save the best design template and complete the page faster.

Produce blog posts

The quick creation tool publishes relevant, attractive, and optimized conversion rate content; consistent format and optimized search.

login page

A landing page that can be perfectly presented on various devices, adding a one-click to complete an optimized form, and automatically changing the content according to different people.


Establish exquisite email templates to automatically personalize email headers and content for different recipients; A/B testing improves the open rate and click-through rate.

Automatically schedule a meeting

More convenient reservation meeting omit tedious e-mail reservation. Let users make appointments in their schedule calendar. Share link-date and time can be specified.


Plan content strategies such as titles, improve rankings on search engines, get the most immediate optimization suggestions when creating content, and measure SEO and return on investment through integrated analysis.

Call to action

Establish a call to action design (CTA) that visitors have to click, know who clicked which CTA, measure performance, and optimize click-through rates

Lead Management

Check the information of each contact and every interaction, create highly targeted advertising campaigns based on the data, and complete more transactions.


Want to know if your paid ad spend is worth it? Here, you can accurately track the return on investment of Facebook and AdWords advertising.

Integrate Salesforce

Two-way synchronization with Salesforce, you only need to move your fingertips to get the records of opened emails, CTA clicks, and submission forms; score potential customers based on the data and build a segmented list.


Take a deep dive into the entire funnel, understand the most difficult aspects of marketing assets, and show how your marketing affects profits.

Automated marketing

Let potential customers find their own path of purchase to complete more transactions. Through automated marketing, tailored e-mails, content, offers, and expand the scope of services based on the behavior of each potential customer.

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Your business needs to track and cultivate relationships with potential customers and customers. Yes, it is 100% free.

Increase traffic through SEO, collect forms, collect emails, dashboards and other tools to increase traffic and convert more users.

Time-saving tools can help you learn more about potential customers, automate tasks you hate, and complete more transactions faster.

Hubspot training

Cultivate your potential customers with HubSpot marketing tools

HubSpot provides a set of powerful products for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management. HubSpot Marketing optimizes your content and sends it to the target audience; the built-in SEO tool improves the ranking of web search results and attracts more qualified visitors to your website.

HubSpot Marketing’s contact form and user ratings help you identify which viewers have the potential to become potential customers, and which potential customers are most likely to become customers; the system uses automated emails to provide qualified potential customers with a personalized purchase path.
Even the impact and contribution of return strategies to sales.

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Attract more targeted traffic to your webpage

Create content that ideal potential customers desire to see, and make it impossible for them to miss it.

Choose from thousands of customized templates. You can design a responsive design website without writing a program, speeding up website design time. Give potential customers a reason to want to browse this website.

HubSpot's content strategy tool finds key headlines that attract customers and allows more viewers to click into the site. In order to allow visitors to read to the end of the article, please select the blog article blueprint, which can optimize readability with just one click.

Use instant optimized SEO suggestions to help rank. Share content through social networks, and deliver the content to the right people on all platforms at the right time.

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