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hotjar Network heat map monitoring

Monitoring the website allows you to understand customer preferences and find ways to optimize the website 

The main feature of hotjar?

Strong positioning

You can use URL, device or custom JavaScript to set visitors

Easy installation

You can quickly install successfully without much engineering.

Multi-device support

It can be tracked on desktops, mobile phones, or tablets.

Unlimited users

There is no limit to the number of teams and customers, and you can expand your use unlimitedly

Block IP

You can exclude your own IP to make your monitoring data more complete and accurate

Export and share

Can export CVS or XLSX format to let you collect the data completely.

How can hotjar help you?

Form analysis

Why is the recycling rate not high when filling in the form? Which option is wrong? It can also be checked through form analysis!

User feedback survey

Anywhere on the website, jump out of the user survey and directly ask them about this page, where are they satisfied and where are they not? The web survey that jumped out immediately.


Create interactive questionnaires to get feedback from users in real time.


Website heat map

Visually present user trajectories, so that website operators can quickly understand which blocks are most favored by users? Which blocks can be placed on key graphics?

User behavior recording

Through the user’s website behavior recording, you can completelyMaster his behavior on the website, And add tags and notes as the basis for web page optimization.

Conversion funnel analysis

The conversion funnel analysis can include adding multiple steps, such as "Home→Price page→Registering the first step→Registering the second step→Control panel" to see which step has the most user loss.

Quickly connect to your e-commerce and understand customer behavior

Try hotjar website monitoring system

Assist you to find customer preferences and form analysis to allow you to make internal improvements.


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