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Focus on dialogue management and create valuable dialogues for enterprises 

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Chatbot Be your marketing helper

1.3 billion people around the world have used chatbot marketing to create your exclusive marketing customer service, close the distance with customers, and expand and develop new businesses!

24 HR real-time online customer service

Preset keywords and replies based on the user’s common content, helping you to increase your customer service data and become your online automatic customer service 24/7.

Member system

In your Bot, you can specify different content according to different customers, which is designed like a one-to-one conversation.

Make an appointment or live broadcast

You can immediately or make an appointment to push the latest news, new products and event promotions to your customers, and you can further track the status of the messages that have been read and clicked.

Answer questions quickly

It can be designed as an automatic response process based on common questions, and the response process database can be optimized.

Intelligent communication design and coding

"Visualization" editor allows you to quickly produce A/B test templates

data collection

Using user feedback to sub-categories, it can be used as reference data for advertising marketing and collect more user other questions, so that the big data of automatic responses can be expanded infinitely.


Future trends keep up with trends immediately

The rise of chatbots reflects that "users are tired of downloading apps from different businesses one by one" to keep up with the current trend and strengthen the user's connection to the enterprise.

chatbot data analysis

Growth tool

We provide a complete set of tools to keep you in touch with users at any time, you can easily expand your Chatbot audience and develop your own bot users.

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VUE Movie Information Station

New Leading Brand in Chinese Film Database​​ x Full Film Database Information

Use Chatbot to interact with users, build big data of film lists, and use the concept of focus to let users inquire about favorite movies and recommended film lists.

  • Reduce 50% labor costs
  • Increase message interaction rate by 4 times
  • Improve customer satisfaction of 30%
  • Automatically respond to customer service questions exceeding 70%

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Reduce work flow and produce high efficiency

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Organize the membership system effectively and quickly, allowing you to manage existing users and customers quickly and conveniently.


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