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Automated marketing tools

You may have heard of automated marketing, because 51% of the company's marketing departments have introduced the corresponding tools, but do you really understand automated marketing?

Simply put, the tasks of marketers can be performed by automated marketing tools, including posting social website posts, sending emails, updating contact information, and operating different social media accounts on the same platform, without the need for manpower. Can centrally manage all marketing activities, customer lists and media information.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce CRM integrates sales, service, and marketing data so that you can grasp all the information at a glance. For companies that distribute data and resources across departments, users, or systems, Salesforce integration is a perfect choice.
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Mautic automated marketing tool

Mautic implements different marketing methods for users with different behaviors by tracking the user's behavior history on the website. Not only is it convenient to set up marketing activities by yourself, but you can also host your own data to ensure privacy, and open source software costs are low.
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MailChimp newsletter tool

With the help of MailChimp, designing an e-newsletter template will no longer be difficult! The easy-to-manage electronic newsletter list system can be directly shared to social networking sites and track results. A/B split test can also be performed to drive marketing results with higher click-through rate newsletters.
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Cultivate your potential customers through HubSpot marketing tools. HubSpot provides a set of powerful products for marketing, sales, and customer relationship management.
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Chatbot becomes your marketing helper 1.3 billion people around the world have used chatbot marketing to create your exclusive marketing customer service, close the distance with customers, and expand and develop new business!
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hotjar network heat map monitoring

Visually present user trajectories, so that website operators can quickly understand which blocks are most favored by users? Assist you to find customer preferences and form analysis to allow you to make internal improvements.
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We are good at usingDigital technology solves marketing problems, Firmly believes that all business activities must rely on data support.

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Use automated marketing tools in all walks of life

  • Commercial & Industrial 41%
  • Internet & Telecom 9%
  • Computer & Electronics 8%
  • Health care 7%

In response to marketing automation, 92% of SMEs plan to increase their marketing budgets.

Companies that use marketing automation to identify potential customers have increased their sales opportunities by 451%
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Automated e-newsletter marketing

The return on investment (ROI) for e-newsletter marketing is as high as 4300%, and a large number of letters are sent to the customer list through a professional mailing platform. At low cost, each newsletter can be accurately delivered to the target customers, which naturally improves the effectiveness.
As long as visitors browse your website and subscribe to emails, you can know exactly under what circumstances they receive specific emails. These rules can all be customized by you, there are no restrictions or the help of programmers. Marketing personnel can operate fonts and modify the audience repeatedly until the best results are achieved. .
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Agency Access

Automate email workflow

Focus on users → detailed list management → intelligent communication design and coding → performance tracking → user ratings

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Research shows that marketers using automated marketing tools will reach 67% by the end of 2019, and 21% plan to use them

Automated marketing

Automated marketing eliminates the need for repeated manual processes through automation, saving time and resources.
Automated marketing also provides the marketing department and sales department with great benefits, simplifying and organizing marketing work.

  • Collect and report data easily
  • Reach customers in a personalized way across multiple channels
  • Find target customers at scale
  • Manage potential customers and connect with the sales department
  • Anticipate customer needs and decisions

We work with customers to use educational training tools to allow customers to create their own marketing automation processes.

this is aCustomers take the initiativeIn the era, the purchase behavior of up to 60% is driven by collecting customer information.

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Salesforce 自動化行銷

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The Salesforce report shows that the customer relationship management system helped companies increase sales revenue by 37%, customer satisfaction increased by 45%, and marketing investment return rate increased by 43%.

Salesforce CRM

Salesforce does not only use sales and marketing as the boundary of the customer relationship management system. In addition to sales and marketing, our platform allows you to manage all interactions with customers or potential customers, helping your business grow and succeed. The above is why we call Salesforce's CRM platform the "customer success platform".
What can Salesforce do for you?

  • Get more business opportunities, close more transactions, and process faster.
  • Improve customer loyalty, durability and satisfaction.
  • Interact one-on-one with customers on social media, mobile phones and other devices.
  • Forecast customer needs based on past behavior.
  • Supervise your business anytime, anywhere.

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Inbound marketing

Inbound Marketing achieves targeted and accurate online marketing through various channels, using paid or SEO keyword optimization media (Paid Media) to enhance information dissemination, and relatively more free communication opportunities (Earned Media) , Through content optimization and keyword locking, and at the same time doing SEO (search engine optimization), SMO (social media optimization), user experience optimization (UEO) and other site-wide optimization, only in this way can we truly do inbound marketing.
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Pi Datametrics SEO API and business intelligence

2018 successful marketing strategy

Generate, nurture, and please the right customers

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Marketing technology MarTech allows your investment to play the most perfect performance and achieve the best results.

Marketing strategy & plan

We analyze your goals, threats, opportunities, sales and marketing plans. Make good use of data analysis to help us find a niche point in the market entry plan. We help you formulate a growth plan, construct a goal map, so that you can achieve your goals and maintain amazing growth.

Inbound marketing

The marketing activities we developed combine push marketing and inbound marketing to create a traffic generation system. Maintain a warm and customer-oriented marketing message while using advertising and promotion at the same time. We make sure that your Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Infusionsoft or other infusion marketing systems become the development user's machine!

SEO strategy

Search engine optimization (SEO), through google keyword search, allows customers to find your website, better natural ranking, higher click-through rate, better exposure effect, SEO keyword ranking helps you increase online business opportunities.

E-newsletter marketing

The ROI of e-newsletter marketing is as high as 4300%. As long as the professional mailing platform is used to achieve a large number of mail-to-customer lists, at low cost, each e-newsletter can be accurately delivered to the target customers, and the effect is naturally very high.

Video marketing

Video marketing has a real impact on potential customers, and customers are more likely to be emotionally driven to purchase products. Buyers want to be satisfied with their choices. If the video marketing is done well, it is the best way to understand buyers.

Automated marketing

Specifically to find the most suitable marketing software for customers and provide the best service, we firmly believe that the right technology can make your work more beneficial and more effective.

Provide each customer with an exclusive experience according to individual needs, throughAutomated marketingHelp you do more with less.

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We have a complete marketing technical team to serve you

Hubsoda is a leading strategy consulting company in the field of digital marketing in Taiwan. It provides self-developed automated marketing SAAS products and helps customers complete the automated management of the entire marketing process. It also provides extended marketing services including: digital marketing, precision marketing, and big data applications. To achieve an integrated, efficient, one-stop excellent "marketing automation SAAS platform + marketing application service" solution for customers in various industries.
We make good use of tools to ensure that marketing automation and optimization, deepening and optimizing customer insights can not only continuously increase conversion rates, but also increase customer loyalty.

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Collecting data is only the first step, the key isanalyze dataAnd develop an effective marketing strategy.

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