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do you know? Consumers with 89% will look for the products they need in search engines before shopping, which means we have a great opportunity to reach consumers.


Building a corporate website is an indispensable condition for online marketing. The website can help you extend your corporate reach and manage brand reputation through the website. Of course, these need to be driven by various marketing activities to achieve exposure.

Let everyone find your website in order to have a deeper understanding of your brand and products to further achieve the purpose of sales.


E-commerce business pays special attention to SEO optimization. If you can master the essence of SEO, you will not need to spend any dime on keyword advertising, and you will be ranked first in the keyword search you want.

Not only saves the cost of keyword marketing, but also has the opportunity to bring a very high conversion rate.


The key to marketing in 2018 is "Let customers find the door by themselves"!

And "content marketing" is the best way to make potential customers identify with the content.

Although content marketing is slower, it is more able to build brand loyalty, brand familiarity and brand image.

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Social media

Social media can be presented in many different forms, including text, images, music, and movies.

Popular social media include Facebook, LINE, Instagram, plurk, Twitter, Google+, Snapchat, etc.

Social media is a very important tool for online marketing. You must conduct research on the target group to understand the characteristics of your main customers. These can be analyzed by the customer management system in the background of the platform or software system to explore the appearance of your customers. Operate with appropriate social software.


How to improve the conversion rate?

Content marketing can create more than three times the sales, but the cost is 62% less than traditional marketing.

Call to Action (CTA)

The role of CTA (Call to Actions) is to guide viewers to your carefully planned purpose. The CTA must clearly tell consumers what to do. Whether it is buying or reviewing goods, a successful CTA can make the effect of advertising prominent and enticing Out potential customers.

Landing Page

No matter which traffic channel the visitor comes from (such as: Facebook ads, Google search, etc.), the webpage that can lead the visitor to the goal you set is called the landing page (Landing Page). Want to capture the attention of visitors and attract them to browse more Much, to complete the goal (purchase products or apply for services), you must rely on a well-designed landing page!


By providing high-quality content or discounts, increase users to fill out forms and add them to the list of remarketing.


Automated Marketing|Collect customer list

Integrate marketing automation and customer relationship management platforms to speed up the overall sales process, use automated marketing processes to help marketing, and reduce manpower waste.

E-newsletter marketing

In addition to selling goods, e-newsletters can also effectively help you manage customer loyalty to the brand, thereby increasing the lifetime value of customers.
According to a Google survey, there are 74% people who have used smartphones to send and receive emails. Another study pointed out that emails up to 66% were opened on mobile phones or tablets.

Marketing Funnel (Marketing Funnel)

The marketing funnel goes from top to bottom, from finding potential customers, and then enticing them to make decisions through education, publicity, etc., and become buyers of products.

From unfamiliar traffic to completing the purchase, or even becoming a loyal customer or crazy fan, this process will be slightly different under different business models, but there are traditionally two core stages: traffic introduction and purchase completion.

Automated marketing tools

Marketing automation software can track and analyze people's Internet usage behavior, lock potential customers for the company, and grasp their shopping needs and preferences before people speak.

Marketing automation is one of the hottest marketing topics in the past decade, and it has recently been sought after by content marketing, CMS experts and marketing technology circles. The big names in this market are HubSpot, Marketo, InfusionSoft, Salesforce Pardot, Adobe, Oracle, and many Internet startups have entered this market in order to strive to gain market share and industry attention. In particular, Salesforce can perfectly integrate CRM & any automated marketing tools.

User rating

User scoring (Lead scoring) is an evaluation tool system that can evaluate how far leads are from buying behavior.

The main evaluation indicators are based on a number of pre-defined indicators, from the many behaviors of customers, to understand the interest of potential customers and the degree of preparation to buy, and score based on different indicators, and finally, based on the results of the score, classification and corresponding to different marketing Ways to cooperate.


Data analysis & development of marketing value loop

The key to the formulation of an automated marketing strategy is to help you find a loop of marketing value through continuous experimentation and data analysis. In short, it is to analyze data and propose improvements.

Viral Loop

The principle of viral marketing is to attract new users to join through "person-to-person transmission" through invitation and sharing from existing users. This sharing process is the "Viral Loop" (Viral Loop) Effective viral marketing loop has two characteristics. Close to potential customers, so that target customers can easily find product or event information, and then choose to enter the loop. Use our tool to help you find a suitable Viral Loop.

data analysis

The data obtained through continuous marketing loop analysis, adjustment and experimentation create the most effective marketing loop model.

Through education, training and cooperation, we instruct customers to use marketing tools so that customers can build automated marketing processes by themselves.

Automated marketing tools


Mautic implements different marketing methods for users with different behaviors by tracking the user's behavior history on the website. Not only is it convenient to set up marketing activities by yourself, but you can also host your own data to ensure privacy, and open source software costs are low.

The Salesforce CRM system provides users with unprecedented data views, integrating sales, service, and marketing data and visualizing them, allowing you to grasp all information at a glance. For companies that distribute data and resources across departments, users, or systems, Salesforce integration is a perfect choice.


With the help of MailChimp, designing an e-newsletter template will no longer be difficult! The easy-to-manage electronic newsletter list system can be directly shared to social networking sites and track results. A/B split test can also be performed to drive marketing results with higher click-through rate newsletters.

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Accurately grasp customer behavior data

We firmly believe that data can drive sales

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