The key factors affecting SEO

+5 factors related to backlinks
What will you learn?
We conducted a research based on more than 600,000 keywords for the first time to find the real reasons for the search results, and analyzed the 12 most significant and controversial factors, and finally came up with the answer "direct traffic source".
But we did not stop research. Now we are preparing an updated version of the research report. The entire new chapter focuses on 5 additional SEO factors-now there are 17 analysis numbers that will help SEO experts better understand how the results of their efforts affect their position in the SERP.


What's new?
In addition to adding 5 factors related to backlinks, we also conducted a more detailed analysis of all factors: We explored how each factor affects not only the entire domain, but also the ranking of a single URL. To find out the advantages and disadvantages of each factor, as well as the search engine optimization methods of "specific URL" and "full domain".
Read the latest research report to learn how to re-adjust the optimization work to ensure ranking growth.
SEO ranking factor analysis
Direct traffic visitors
Time on site
Page hits
Bounce Rate
All referral URLs
All referral IPs
Total follow-backlinks
Article length
Website Security/Credentials (HTTPS)
All links
Keyword link
Content keywords
Keyword density
Title keywords
Meta keywords
unimportant important
Is between the top three and twenty The difference in content length.
The domain names of high-ranking traffic keywords are all HTTPS.
Is the high total number of market segments,
Between 2nd and 10th
The difference in the number of referring domains.
It is the third-ranked bounce rate of intranet domains.
Domains with a large number of keyword rankings have no keywords in the body.
The total number of pages visited when a user logs into a website from a search engine.
For more reference to the domain link, compared to the first-ranked website, they all point to the second-ranked website-"brand keyword decline".
Second, more backlinks will lead to the number one URL-"high sales".
Backlinks for contains keywords in anchor text
Top 100 ranking
More than 600,000 keywords collected
Analyze every page and domain
Including 17 factors such as internal page, backlinks, domain and URL level traffic data
Keywords by search volume
Low (1-100); Medium (101-1,000)
High (1,001-10,000); Highest (above 10,001)
Search volume group separation
Use machine learning algorithms
To determine the importance of ranking factors
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