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Recommend personalized tourist attractions

The big data collected through automated tools allows us to better understand user preferences, so we can know the tourist areas that users are most interested in.


Collect customer information

When you click on the website itinerary or click on another website page again, it will automatically integrate with the CRM background and track the user's operation, record the user's preferences, and easily manage your key customers.

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Specific data analysis as a basis for decision making

Using data, you can know user preferences and make decisions about the next activity.

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Have fun and have peace of mind
Has an instant response system

Have 24 hours of uninterrupted customer service

Plan a robot response system for you so that users can find answers to their questions at any time, such as: popular domestic and foreign travel, precautions before going abroad, emergency assistance or emergency assistance information for foreigners... etc.

Online customer service

We can plan an instant customer service for you. When the industry data is not enough to use robot customer service, you can respond with a real customer service.

Get email

One way to collect the list is usually to leave an email, which means that there is a certain interest in a certain house, so the customer service system can directly collect accurate customers.

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Intimate comes from your big data

Collect the footprints left by users as the material basis for subsequent automated marketing.

  • Return visitors

  • List collection

  • Milestone classification

  • Mail after booking

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    Inform about new events recently and let visitors return

    You can send a discount plan for the latest event to let them know and give a discount code. After the event, you can evaluate whether the effect is meaningful.

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    List collection

    When users arrive at any page, a login/join membership page will appear, leaving customer information, and incentives can be designed to make them willing to leave information.

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    Member-rated benefits

    Use the tool Focus to do marketing in conjunction with festivals, such as anniversary or new year VIP discounts, you can send e-newsletters to give discounts and promote purchase rates.

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    Care after the transaction

    Intimate information given to customers, such as nearby attractions, recommended food, what the weather is, and recommendations to bring with you before going abroad. These intimate actions will enhance the corporate image.. etc.

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Adjust according to your website

For your website, we will first understand whether your website meets the user interface, so that your users will not get lost on your network.

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For user preferences
Design a personalized page

The website can be adjusted dynamically and statically to meet user interests, and the user's name will also be included in the title.

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How we use tools

Use automated marketing tools, follow your work process, and then improve and streamline the process, make good use of tools to bring you closer to your customers, and promote one-to-many travel and leisure marketing, reducing your working time, and from passive Caring is transformed into active caring.

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No matter where you are
Can contact your customers

Make different segmentation for different users, deliver correct information and travel itineraries to users, and regularly provide suitable tourist attractions or new activity themes.

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Personalized mail

One-to-many customized emails will make your customers feel cared and closer to the relationship between the customer and the company. According to Emarketer's survey, nearly 81% users will increase their willingness to buy after receiving customized letters.

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Track progress

Use automated process testing, tracking and analysis of each user's behavior, you can adjust different activity itinerary series as needed, and easily determine how to improve the travel itinerary. In addition, customer data can be analyzed and used to find new leads and opportunities.

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