Creative marketing makes your pirate funnel unmatched



Have you created one for your websitefunnel?

You are using Pirate Funnel?

Your campaignenoughAre you creative?

This question is difficult to answer, but it is the key to successful marketing, especiallyYesCreative linepin.

Creativity is like adding spices to curry,

If you add too much, it won't work; if you use it properly, the results will definitely make you smile.


In this article, I will tell you how to add existing ideas to the pirate funnel.

Let you produce more innovative and original marketing activities!


Picasso’s famous quote:


" The great artist theft"


Use this sentence as a legitimate reason and get it freelyInspiration,The cases mentioned here are about the various ideas used in different stages of the pirate funnel.


In order to get you on track quickly, if you stillNot quiteIf you are familiar with the pirate funnel,

The six levels of pirate funnel include:

exposure: How to let people browse our products or services online or offline 
Acquiring users: What is acquiring users 
Increase activity: What is a "wow moment" 
Improving retention: what is a resident user 
Spread recommendation: What is virality 
increase income: What is the business or pricing model 


For those with extensive experience in pirate funnels, you may notice that more Increase activity.

the reason is simple:Activity Is the last to keep and useThe key.


For example, Twitter will think you are a resident user until the user has followed 30 people.

Similarly, the users Slack will reside on,Divided into users who have sent 2,000 messages on the platform.

If you are ready, let’s take a look at some Pirate Funnel Examples of creativity within the scope specified in.


"Exposure" creative marketing example

Exposure refers to getting people to browse your product or service.

The best example is alwaysInnovative home furnishing retailer-IKEA (IKEA).

When launching a new series of furniture in Russia, IKEA hijacked the simple functions of Instagram,Inside againCreated a website.

First, IKEA took beautiful photos of benches, storage cabinets, lighting and textiles.

After uploading to Instagram, create hashtags in the pictures of different furniture.

In the description column, they create hashtags, and after posting, they can track conversations and interact with fans online.

After customers buy furniture and share them on Instagram, they use the hashtag function to become part of the circle.

very smartRight? !

This activity will "exposure" to the fullest. They target Instagram users and arouse the desire to shop when they look for inspiration on the platform.

IKEA allows customers to interact with creators, and those seeking inspiration can see the creations of previous customers.

IKEA’s eventmain indicatorsIs to participatesocial activity,See themCurrently, there are more than 20,000 active Instagram followers, and it can be said with certainty that they have reached their goal.


Creative marketing at the user acquisition stage

What you want to see in the user acquisition phase is the promise that the customer fulfills.

According to your business model, you need to know what the acquired users are like.

When someone touches your website, cookies will be tracked from different websites or different social media channels.

When it comes to the repositioning of website viewers, I think the most underused is Youtube. This digital platform has 18 times more viewers than other TV networks.



The first innovative example is the stock trading platform XTB Second marketing campaign.

The advertisement was co-operated with Mads Mikkelsen and was featured in the series "Hannibal the Double Faced Man"Aired after the end of the final season.

The most beautiful shot of this ad is the perfect copywriting, which evokes the audience's memories of the Mads Mikkelsen album.

Especially the closing narration:


"Every experience makes me better. I trade and love trading."


This short film has more than 2 million views on YouTube.

Although it has to spend a lot of money to make Mads Mikkelsen at the peak of his acting careerParticipate in performances, but extra effort often helps to acquire new customers.



One Plus

mobile phone manufacturer OnePlusThe first mobile phone is called the "flagship killer",The price is only 400 euros,Use the cunning "invitation only" strategy to grow at high speed!

When OnePlus released the third version of the phone in 2016, they coordinated 7 pop-up stores in New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Delhi, Buy and Bangalore.

For OnePlus, the topic and exaggerated queuing team also means that it has received a lot of media attention.




"Wow!" moment

Activity depends on "Wow!" moment (wow moment.

But this"Wow!" moment What is it?

When someone fully understands your product,This happens when the service or their lives have this need, and each user’s situation is different.




Contours Is one of the examples of creating "Wow!" moments with creativity.

Contours makes strollers for babies and also made an adult version!

Video of this event,With more than 450,000 views, you laugh when your underwear is loose.

This example is in line with the strategy of increasing activity, combining creativity and activism, targeting novice parents to make the largest purchase behavior for newborns.




Another example comes from  CoSchedule ; Editorial calendar for social media and blogs.

The way that CoSchedule gathers people to participate in the content is to expand a "Headline Analyser " .

The headline analyzer analyzes the set headline, evaluates the words used, and scores to see if it will attract people to click.

After the assessment, classify the words as "average", "strong and powerful" or "strong emotional" words.

Let you know how to improve your copy.

In addition, more than 70 points means this title is very good.



Getting a good grade for the first time means that you are objectively testing your headline writing skills. At this time, the "wow!" moment will appear.

If you start to play some powerful and emotional vocabulary, as time accumulates, it will become more powerful and expand the vocabulary.​​​




What is your retention rate?

If a company does not have a retention rate, it is tantamount to saying goodbye to its source of income.

research shows,Customer retention rate increased by 5%,Profit can be increased by 75%.

The retention rate actually depends on what you want to do.

You can focus on special customer service, create an online community, or have the most flexible pricing plan.




Australian entrepreneur Daniel Priestley in his "Entrepreneur Revolution" The book suggests that you should putHalf of the marketing budget,Spend on existing customers.

Organize events and close business occasions to better understand your customers.

Through a deeper understanding, help the product development team to be far ahead!

Daniel Priestley and his company Dent foreignPractice speech content when communicating.

Every year they entertain some people around the world to help them increase brand awareness and emphasize the importance of retention.





Regarding the question of retention rate,  Leadpages It has done a great job helping people enter online communities.

When you register, they immediately ask you to schedule a webinar.

During this webinar, they will use resources to push you into the hole. For example, they will mention private Facebook groups so you can get feedback from employees and customers.

Currently,  Leadpages Facebook groupWith more than 15,000 users, there are several new articles every day.



Airbnb email marketing strategy

Although email marketing may be Software as a service (SAAS) abused in the market.

Airbnb’s email marketing campaign provides a smart way for beginners in email marketing.

As soon as Airbnb receives the email, it will send an inspiring message listing three or four locations as the next vacation destination.

Their goal is to provide a series ofPersonalized email.

After clicking, Airbnb will record it as interested and follow up more content related to the options.

E.g, They tried this activity in 2015:


First of all

They let the recipient "Choose your journey ",

These include three options: Europe, North America and Asia.

If the first letter clicks on the European region...

The subject of the second email will be "Waiting for your trip to Europe";

Options are: romantic, outdoor and beach

At last..

The subject of the email will be: "Are you ready to embark on a romantic journey in Europe? "




Above "Choose your journey" Is the first email with personalized advertising

From these two perspectives, Airbnb’s fair competition advertising is more than just bombarding recipients with meaningless emails.

Instead, they try to provide what users are interested in.



Creative recommendation ad

In some cases, spread recommendation marketing can be said to be a gift from God to marketers.



Taking PayPal as an example, they found that they could buy a customer for $20-

in Elon Musk and Sal Khan In an interview with PayPal, Musk stated that PayPal acquired 100,000 users within the first month after spending 60 to 70 million US dollars".

Fast and interesting spread of recommended ideas: Give your community a little challenge!




Royal College of Art, London

Followed users participate in the "10 videos in 10 days" challenge,Publish content on YouTube and find your passion.

This is the most basic form of dissemination of recommended ads, because each participant will mark the Royal College of Art in London in the first film.

Everyone who participates in the challenge will actively promote their videos on social media, and all their followers will see it.

The Royal College of Art in London will have new fans on social media, and new users will be added to their website...


Key: Revenue

Income is the end of the whole process.

Subscription model It has become a hot trend, because millennials prefer to rent or subscribe services to purchases.




Amazon is the most promising company in this market, as well as its Prime, Fire, Fresh and Audible.

From 13 million customers in 2013, Amazon Prime is estimated to grow to 66 million customers.

In addition, according to Statistica, Amazon Average spend of Prime customers,It is twice that of non-primary members.

John Warrillow in his book "Automatic Customer" The book pointed out that subscriptionsvalueIs a typical income transaction2.6 times.

He pointed out that the subscription model is only reliable after the button is clicked.

however,$19 today Barkbox Dog food subscription andElectricity is just as reliable.

" If online commerce is not trusted and the Internet speed is relatively slow, Barkbox will not be able to do it"-Matt Meeker, founder of Barkbox


Simply put, the subscription model can:

Add actual value to buying and selling
Increase understanding of customers and produce better solutions
Improve customer lifetime value


Another example is a company called Bestowed The company's predecessor was Conscious Box.

A box of natural non-GMO ingredients is provided to subscribers, and family packaging starts at US$24.95 a month.

After customers receive a box of products, they are encouraged to review each product received.

For each review, customers can get 10 points, and after 100 points, they can use the exchanged USD 1 in the Conscious Box store.

Every month 5% to 20% of customers,Evaluate the products in the box.

The interesting thing about this business model is that every customer has tried the product after investing, which means they have built trust.

In addition, due to the advantages of buying and selling, Bestowed can control the market through clever content marketing and acquire users in the pirate funnelStage attracts people.



I hope you have understood the usefulness of these examples to gain inspiration and startBrainstorm meetings and propose new ideas.

Study these issues carefully in order to combine your pirate funnel and creativity in business.


1. What was the most popular advertisement in the past year?

 Analyze the best campaigns and provide insights on the channels and topics used.

2. Where do people turn off your website? 

Use the Google Analytics flow chart to understand where the user is leaving, and to point out the areas that need attention in the pirate funnel.

3. Have you talked with colleagues in the customer service department?

Every day, they communicate with customers at the worst moments of customer experience.

These employees will have some surprising insights to help you find the areas in the pirate funnel that need the most attention.

4. Where can I find inspiration? 

I would recommend searching on Niice, Pinterest or any designer space (such as Behance).

5. What are your competitors doing? 

Don't just imitate what they are doing, but find out how they succeed as inspiration.

6. What is the current trend? 

Sometimes, some ads will be popular on the Internet. Find out these ads and see what you can learn from them.

7. How to judge your own thoughts? 

You can use the BRASS and PIES framework to judge exposure with Get users Ideas in the pipeline.

The deeper pirate funnel is difficult to judge, so when you learn more, test it and then expand it.

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