How Netflix uses big data to win loyal customers


The number of Netflix subscribers has grown from one million in 2002 to 10 million now, relying onRecommended system.

Big data helps Netflix understand the preferences of users. The content presented by 80% on the platform is deeply affected by big data.

Correct the recommended videos in real time to meet the needs of users, and the types of videos are not limited to specific categories;

Netflix used big data and algorithms to build a perfect recommendation system to retain customers and save $1 billion.

Automated marketing should learn the operating mode of the Netflix recommendation system so that companies can predict whether the results are effective before launching marketing activities.

Next, let's take a look at how Netflix uses big data to increase engagement and retain loyal customers.

How does Netflix collect big data?

Netflix collects data from these places to create a better user experience

grading system
Search history
The date the video was watched
Watching device
Pause time when watching a show
Which shows have been played repeatedly
Whether to skip the credit loan
Which types of programs are played on different devices

How does Netflix use this big data?

The real value after collecting data lies in how to process the data and display unique insights

Create a fever album
Netflix spent $10 million to build "House of Cards",
They believe that this series has the fan base of the British version of "House of Cards",
Definitely can be successfully marketed to American audiences.
Personalized scoring system
Provide personalized Netflix video series,
Different users will get different recommended film lists in the same type of film.
Highest video ranking
Pick out personalized recommendations from the highest ranking of all lists.
Popular videos
Popular videos are mixed with personalized recommendations.
Algorithm for Similarity of Two Movies
When a user is watching a movie, they may also be interested in another movie.
Even if the similarity ranking is not personalized, Netflix will use the last video watched by the user to determine which videos may be of interest.
Keep watching
Collect the videos that users have watched recently and analyze whether users will continue to play the videos or are not interested in this video.


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