How to use email marketing to expand online stores?

Email marketing is a simple, affordable tool that brings e-commerce entrepreneurs regular weekly tracking numbers, higher open rates, a surge in website traffic, and significant return on investment.

Email marketing performs better than other marketing channels, including social media, SEO marketing and content distribution.

why? Because it uses advertising to better acquire customers, attract readers and establish stable relationships.

There are several ways for companies to use email marketing to activate and organize your subscription list:


Offer discounts for special events such as holidays and birthdays.


Provide users with product releases and the company's latest news.


Share valuable articles on the company's website.


Remind the user to empty the items left in the shopping cart.


Exclusive special discounts reward loyal customers.


Remind customers to leave product reviews after purchase.


These methods are the most direct techniques,Recent research shows that these technologiesCan bring up to 3,800% return on investment for small and medium enterprises.

Now that you know why you need email marketing, you can start to understand what to do.

Email marketing platform

First, choose one of the many email marketing platforms to host your contacts and automatically send emails.

These are the email marketing platforms that everyone is using:

From $0/month
Constant Contact : Free trial for $60
From $17/month
Rare: Free 14-day trial
From $0/month
Vertical : Free 30-day trial
From $0/month
Convert KitFree 14-day trial
From $24/month
Get Response : Free 30-day trial
From $15/month

Create email list

After registering for the email marketing platform, you need an email list to send regular emails every week.

Your website needs a clear and strategic opt-in form (newsletter registration form) to start collecting users.

The best way to entice users to enter emails is to offer a free trial or a small discount at the first purchase:




From the example above, we can know that if website visitors are interested in Kate Spade Saturday’s products, they will be very willing to enter their email for a 15% discount.

Then, you can send weekly new product news or more discounts to these new users to pave the way for potential future transactions.

Many services like MailChimp use a simple way to design, place an opt-in form on your website, and link directly to the platform.

Other ways to create email forms:
Place registration forms on your blogs, emails sent and social media.
Encourage existing users who recommend products to friends.
Send a card for each product shipped, detailing only the transactions on the list.
Add the QR code to the printed optional form.
Organize gift giving activities for goods,Users must register their email to join.

Make an effective email

E-mail is the most popular way of business communication, and there are countless daily e-mail activities.

Therefore, you have to always stand out to have a chance to make future deals.

theme -Give users the first impression and let them decide if this email is worth the time to read.

Avoid using words that are not convincing to attract people.For example, "free" has been emphasized.
You don’t want letters to be treated as spam, butActually enter the reader's inbox.
Customize each email to include the customer's name, address, etc.
The content is simple and easy to understand-a maximum of 50 words is sufficient.
Tell readers the content of the email as directly and truthfully as possible.

Reason for sending this email -Whether it’s discounts, news, or special offers, you want the company’s reasons for sending e-mails to be understandable and mentioned at the beginning of the content.

Graphics and other visually appealing content makes visitors want to continue to pay attention.


Call to action -Now that readers understand the content provided, they need a clear way to take action through buttons or links. It is more effective to put a call to action in the first half of a letter, don’t wait until the end.

Tips for optimizing ads

Send emails during normal business hours.
Send content outside of promotions-whether it's industry news, valuable messages, or humor.
Don't let the years go by easily, and enrich every month with new content.
Starting from the registration day, 1 week, and 3 weeks, pre-written emails will be sent to customers.
Don’t forget to send e-mails for shopping cart item reminders, order confirmation and delivery, thanks for registration and customer feedback.
Keep the design of email and website consistent to build brand awareness.
When designing, consider how users view emails on mobile devices.

Tracking email analysis

Tracking the results of email campaigns helps you understand what went wrong, what can be changed, and the most effective strategy that can be replicated. Six points of tracking:

Open percentage

The percentage of users who spend time opening emails. If this number is low, you can try to change the title.

Percentage of list growth

The rate at which the subscription form grows. Try to set goals for your e-commerce, such as adding 10 users per day.

Percentage of bounce

Whether it’s due to mail falling into spam, static user e-mails, or some kind of technical error, the percentage of e-mails that will not enter the subscriber’s inbox.

Click-through rate percentage

Click on the link or call to action to connect to the websiteThe ratio.

Conversion percentage

The subscriber not only clicked the link in the email, but also completed the operation related to the link.

Ads with high conversion rates provide information about creating similar campaigns in the future.

Opt-out percentage

The percentage of readers who unsubscribe due to email.

This can tell you that you have sent too many emails, or sent emails with no problems.

Used correctly, email marketing has the potential to become the most powerful channel for all e-commerce companies in the world.
Online companies can use email marketing endlessly to increase sales, website visitors, and brand awareness.

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