The data and meaning behind 8 automated marketing


Marketing automation was an ideal in the past and is now ubiquitous in the market.

As soon as the computer screen is turned on, it is flooded with data that affects the online and offline status.

What is behind these incredible statistics?


In this article, we will introduce the logic behind the numbers in detail, explain the details behind the following statistics, and uncover the truth behind the numbers:

300% increase in customer engagement rate
Open rate increased by 180%
CTR increased by 330%
Marketing expenses reduced by 12.2%
80% of companies said automated marketing increased potential customers
Email revenue increased by 69% in six months
1% of sales through unfamiliar development
Sales productivity increased by 14.5%

Automated marketing promotes engagement

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We dig deep into the past data to reveal the results of automated marketing.

Automated marketing increased the customer engagement rate by 300%.

Behind this amazing number is:Correlation.

Customers will expect to click on these emails that are triggered according to a logical timetable,

That's because the actual actions and the status of the individual in the customer journey may be consistent.

So what is the effect?

1. Increase the opening rate of 180%

2. Increase the click rate of 330%

Instead of casting a lot of e-mails randomly,

It is better to send the message to the target audience at the right time.

A savior to earn you more time

As a CMO, you must know how to allocate responsibilities and work to optimize the budget and increase revenue. Efficiency is everything.

So, how does an automated marketing system increase productivity and reduce overhead? According to Nucleus Research:

Automated marketing reduces 12.2% marketing expenses.

Automated marketing systems automate time-consuming but necessary daily routines.

After using the automated marketing system, there is more time to produce better quality content and further increase customer engagement.

Potential customers for automated system development

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Potential customers are the core of any B2B transaction.

Financial risks are high and the number of decision makers is sufficient. B2B buying and selling is full of public customer journeys.

So, how does automated marketing affect lead management?

Automated marketing improves 80% customer development.

 73% of potential customers are generated by email. Manually monitoring and scoring potential customers is a resource-consuming and nightmare task.

With the combination of automated marketing and CRM, you can monitor, score, and locate potential customers throughout the sales channel.

Increase email revenue

Regardless of whether you are engaged in B2C or B2B trading, everyone hopes that the results of every marketing activity can get dazzling results in financial statements.

KitchenTime used automated marketing to increase 69% email revenue within six months.

The automated process tracks the key steps of each customer journey,

With simple triggers, increase relevance when sending emails.

Improve sales efficiency

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Only 1% of sales are through unfamiliar development.

Although this data is not important, there are still people who will accept the sudden appearance of sales promotion.

On the contrary, marketers and decision makers want to put aside the existing opinions of salespeople.

So, how can an automated marketing system improve an organization's sales productivity? According to Nucleus Research, the answer is:

Automated marketing improves the sales productivity of 14.5%.

The automated marketing system is combined with a CRM system to monitor the status of individuals in the customer journey.

In general..

We understand that diverse data may take some time to understand,

But after understanding the logic behind,

We hope that everyone can understand the unlimited potential of automated marketing.


Source: APSIS

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