What role can artificial intelligence play in marketing and advertising?

I just brushed up on this question. I have seen a more interesting study by Accenture before. The study believes that by 2035, AI may increase the economic growth rate of all industries by a lot (the specific data is forgotten), and it is specific to the field of marketing advertising. I think there are mainly the following points

1. Precisely locate the target audience and gain insight into consumer needs.

In terms of marketing strategy, artificial intelligence can make accurate and personalized judgments through data analysis of users' behavior habits, age, education level, consumption habits, social characteristics, etc., to obtain more accurate portraits of target users and Insight into the real needs of consumers.

2. Customize personalized marketing strategies and intelligently optimize delivery strategies.

Based on the audience profile established by artificial intelligence and insight into consumer needs, it provides marketers with strategic suggestions, and marketers can easily create targeted advertising campaigns. In addition, artificial intelligence can also recommend suitable delivery channels, optimize delivery strategies based on data analysis, and predict the conversion effect after delivery, which can really help advertisers increase ROI.

3. Quickly output structured and standardized content

Artificial intelligence can also be applied to content production. Based on the analysis of data and the processing of information, it can realize the automated output of AI for standardized copywriting, design elements, graphic posters, etc., and quickly enter the delivery process.

Those who are concerned about the mobile advertising field should know that the Alibaba Cloud Summit was held in Beijing recently. Zhu Yadong, vice president of Mobvista Technology, also shared about the application of artificial intelligence in overseas marketing. The following is an interception and summary from the speech You can refer to a few points.

1. Use the artificial intelligence engine for omni-media mobile marketing, which can cover the top media traffic (such as foreign Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and domestic WeChat, Toutiao, etc.), central programmatic traffic, and long-tail alliance traffic, targeting Different traffic types are used for precise marketing, which vertically supports the company's e-commerce, Fintech, games, tools and other businesses.

2. Artificial intelligence can collect, sort, analyze and summarize a large amount of information within a specific time. For example, Mobvista's DMP data exceeds tens of billions. The data is so huge that humans cannot handle it, but for artificial intelligence, it is a piece of cake. Artificial intelligence integrates these automatically collected data into the delivery system, layering users and creating tags, in-depth mining of user behavior characteristics and demographic attributes, and providing active device information at different granularities (full volume/week/day).

3. The construction and application of the artificial intelligence engine also enables Mobvista to automate such links as personalized advertising template generation and material filling, precise advertising display placement, DSP bidding, large media intelligent placement, and dynamic budget allocation.

In summary, it can be seen that artificial intelligence is widely used in the field of mobile advertising. In addition, I wonder if you have noticed that in recent years, MarTech's performance in the marketing service market is very optimistic. An official report in the United States that I have seen before said that even if many large advertisers cut their marketing budgets as a whole, their investment in MarTech is still growing steadily. I think its "popularity" is a manifestation of artificial intelligence playing a huge role in the field of advertising marketing.

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