Our Culture Code | Luminate Digital

Our core value


1. Work hard to help the company grow

Just do the best!

We devote 100% of our efforts to help our clients grow faster and more effectively in their careers.

2. Positive and optimistic communication

We believe that positive communication can make the interaction more smooth, whether it is our employees or customers, to show the best of everyone.

3. Welcome every change

For hubsoda, the only constant is change. We are always ready to meet any challenges in the market together.

4. Encouragement, innovation, education

We are keen to share the best information to those around us, and we only provide the best.

5. Use the fastest time to make the most perfect results

We fully understand that your time, money, and resources are all important. Before you speak, we can take care of everything!

6. Only do things that are different from others

We continue to research, learn, and grow to find the best way to stand out from the digital field.