Inbound marketing is the current trend. Combines content marketing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) technologies to introduce customers to the company’s website. Compared with traditional advertising, it has lower cost and higher return on ROI

With the priority of mobile devices and faster and faster Internet speeds, in recent years, the marketing focus of major global brands has gradually shifted to video marketing. There are 64%-85% Facebook users, after watching the product video, they will increase their desire to buy and effectively deepen their brand impression. 2020 video marketing is the most important marketing method.

The core data management platform helps your company create an effective automated marketing process. The marketing process composed of multiple marketing tools makes marketing simpler and data more effective. Data tracking throughout the process to achieve customer insights and improve marketing effects.

Salesforce is a powerful cloud platform that provides a variety of methods to integrate the top CRM/automated marketing software and requirements according to specific plans and industry needs. Salesforce CRM software is your preferred solution regardless of your industry.

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hubsoda is an automated marketing company located in Taipei, focusing on creating automated marketing tools/automated marketing processes/viral marketing loops/automated marketing tools introduction-one of the few teams in Taiwan that has both marketing knowledge and marketing technology.

We accurately grasp the consumer experience, maximize the marketing benefits, and pinpoint the crux of the conversion problem. · Creating the core consumer experience of customers and driving marketing through data is hubsoda’s highest belief. At the same time, the pursuit of excellence also allows us to stand in the field of digital services in Taiwan The top of the company is for large enterprises and startups to continue to build successful brands and products.



Marketing Funnel
Through the analysis of the sales pipeline, the promotion status of sales opportunities can be dynamically reflected, and sales results can be predicted; through the analysis and evaluation of the sales promotion cycle, the conversion rate of the opportunity phase, and the time consumption of opportunity promotion.
Agile Brand + Agile Growth
Agile brand = Agile growth. We firmly believe that more agile marketing methods can achieve faster results.
Blog drives content marketing
Content marketing is a very important marketing strategy that can help you attract, educate and convert your ideal customers. We help you create high-quality content ideas and produce high-quality content.
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Hubsoda is a leading marketing automation consulting company in Taiwan. It provides customers with automated marketing products to help customers complete the fully automated management of the marketing process. It also provides other derivative services including: digital marketing, precision marketing and big data applications. Since its establishment, it has provided customers in various industries with an integrated, efficient, one-stop "marketing automation + marketing application management" solution.

We make good use of tools to ensure the automation and optimization of marketing, not only to continuously increase the conversion rate, but also to increase customer loyalty.

  • Import of automated marketing tools
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Find out the characteristics of the user
  • Improve website conversion rate
  • Automated marketing strategy formulation

We work with customers to familiarize them with using tools through education and training, and establish automated marketing processes by ourselves.

Automated marketing tools


By tracking the user's behavior history on the website, Mautic implements different marketing methods for users with different behaviors. Not only is it convenient to set up marketing activities by yourself, but you can also host your own data to ensure privacy, and open source software costs are low.

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The Salesforce CRM system provides users with unprecedented data views, integrating sales, service, and marketing data and visualizing them, allowing you to grasp all information at a glance. For companies that distribute data and resources across departments, users, or systems, Salesforce integration is a perfect choice.


With MailChimp, designing e-newsletter templates will no longer be difficult! The easy-to-manage electronic newsletter list system can be directly shared to social networking sites and track results. A/B split test can also be conducted to drive marketing results with higher click-through rate newsletters.

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Marketing method that marketers must know in 2019 "Automated Marketing" Even if you are not a digital marketer, you have heard of "marketing automation". No matter your business is big or small, niche, or experience, there are many ways to help your business automate marketing more effectively. Today in 2018, more and more companies are paying attention to the effectiveness of automated marketing, and more and more companies need to rely on marketing automation tools to help their revenue grow. Marketing automation is the process of using technology to manage and automatically transform potential customers into real buyers. By automating various tasks and workflows in the process of demand transformation, potential customer management, sales and marketing. Marketing automation helps shorten the sales cycle, increase revenue, and increase the return on marketing investment. This is indispensable for the success of inbound marketing. The two most important factors for the success of direct marketing include: First, communicating with the right audience (potential customers). Second, deliver valuable and actionable information. And automated marketing tools help you deliver the right information to the right audience at the right time. Of course, the quality of the content is the key; high-quality, creative content is the key, not technology. And automated marketing tools just help you deliver good content automatically to the audience in need. ...
  The number of Netflix subscribers has grown from one million in 2002 to 10 million now, relying on the recommendation system. Big data helps Netflix understand the preferences of users. The content presented by 80% on the platform is deeply affected by big data. Real-time correction of recommended videos meets the needs of users, and the types of videos are not limited to specific categories; Netflix uses big data and algorithms to build a complete recommendation system to retain customers and save $1 billion. ...
  Marketing automation was an ideal in the past and is now ubiquitous in the market. As soon as the computer screen is turned on, it is flooded with data that affects the online and offline status. What is behind these incredible statistics? In this article, we will introduce the logic behind the numbers in detail, explain the details behind the following statistics, and uncover the truth behind the numbers: Automated marketing promotes participation. We dig into the past data to reveal the results of automated marketing. Automated marketing increased the customer engagement rate by 300%. Behind this amazing number is: relevance. Customers will expect to click on these e-mails triggered in accordance with a logical timetable, because actual actions and personal status in the customer journey may be consistent. So what is the effect? ...
After 64% – 85% Internet visitors watched the product video, the possibility of buying the product increased by 1%~2%. Therefore, a streamlined promotional video was made and placed on the Internet to show the main features and functions of the product, which will bring more Conversion rate. If you want to sell YouTube videos, you must know: Among young people, the appeal of Internet celebrities is not less than that of superstars, and they are more grounded and creative. In order to build the popularity of the new product, Clolox's Bilander filter water bottle chose the super influencer on YouTube and NBA superstar Curry to make a short video, let go of the influencer marketing, and gained mobile search volume. Increase the effect of 2000% and brand love to 36%! Today, we will learn from this case: How traditional daily necessities conquered the "post-00" BRITA Background:...
Marketers all over the world are always pursuing newer technologies and various higher concepts. In recent years, as long as it is advanced technology (marketing technology), it will be linked to marketing. Such as: big data, AI, cloud computing, VR, AR, blockchain and other vocabulary will be sought after and discussed enthusiastically. In recent years: There is only one trend that everyone recognizes-that is [Data Driven Marketing], this concept has become a politically correct concept in the entire Agency/Consultancy. From marketing cloud, data management platform (DMP), cross-screen tracking, or the recently popular blockchain advertising application. In fact, they are essentially the same concept:...
    Squeeze out Facebook and become the favorite Instagram of young people. In addition to being the brand's marketing position, the social environment with hashtags as the main communication method gives the people the opportunity to shine! Hashtags increase user participation rate, attract non-tracker users, and establish brand image through unique hashtags. There is an average of one topic tag in a post, which increases the participation rate of over 12.6% compared to posts without any topic tags. ...